Whether you are working on a new project or carrying out maintenance we can help define the most reliable and cost efficient solution for your specific requirement.

The team at McNeice Engineering work with clients to define exact requirements before assessing the best solution from a broad range of products. Meaning the client will always be provided with the best solution in terms of technical requirement, budget and on going maintenance costs based on their particular environment.


Since 1958 we have been fulfilling the valve and ancillary equipment requirement for many industries.

We stock a wide range of valves and instruments that provide solutions for power and process industries. We sell valves from the leading names in valve manufacture and design, ensuring you get the highest specification valves to solve your needs. We are with you every step of the way from advice on solving your needs, right through to the support afterwards, you will be in safe and helpful hands.


Whether you need to replace a valve or remove for service our experienced team are on hand all of the time.

Our teams can help out at anytime.

If you are carrying out a shutdown our teams can install, replace or remove any valve. During shutdown we can remove valves for service or overhaul and then re-install all within agreed project timescales.

Routine or emergency maintenance plan can also be arranged with all clients.


McNeice Engineering offer a reliable and time sensitive service and overhauling process either on site or at our servicing site.

We offer a full servicing and overhaul process project managed to coincide with a full or partial shutdown. We also offer a full stock management service, which allow us to carry relevant stock so a breakdown results in a spare always being available whilst a valve is being serviced or calibrated.


McNeice Engineering can provide the most advanced and precise computerised steam trap management survey in the world.

Regular inspections of steam traps will:

  • Save energy
  • Increase productivity and product quality
  • Increase plant safety and avoid damage of equipment
  • Help meet environmental standards and especially to reduce CO2 emission

Faulty steam traps can cause either steam losses when leaking or problems due to the backup of condensate when blocked. Steam losses can lead to a high monetary loss due to unnecessary increase in energy consumption, a consequence of which is unnecessarily high CO2 emissions.


McNeice Engineering can provide on site calibration services for a broad range of equipment.

It is vital for the smooth and efficient operation of a plant that all equipment is accurately calibrated. this calibration will subsequently provide cost savings over the medium term.

McNeice Engineering have a team of calibration technicians who can test and calibrate a broad range of equipment whether it be Positioners, Safety Relief Valves, Flowmeters etc.



McNeice Engineering offer a full stock management service for clients. Either managed onsite, remotely or at our own facility.

Our full stock management service allows clients to take piece of mind that critical stock is under control to save on downtime. We offer three types of service:

  • Fully Managed
    • This means we manage at your site to ensure all critical items are in stock within a specified annual budget
  • Remote Management
    • We will manage your critical stock with your stores manager
  • Consignment Stock
    • We will hold stock securely at our facility which you can all on at anytime